My work tends to focus on objects and observations from the everyday, I then translate them into ideas of line and form and textureI use a variety of differing mediums and styles to achieve this, influenced by 20th-century expressionism,  vintage paraphernalia and psychedelia.


In the lockdown of 2020, Bo created Studio Matteini, an online shop selling hand-pulled screenprints and artworks.

Currently taking freelance clients and as the Art Director & Graphic Designer for SCRT.


Hand-drawn compositions and detailed portrait drawings, graphic design and animated works, digital and oil paintings, styling and compositional work, and probably some other things.

Selected Clients

The New York Times, Slowdown Studio, Winebox, SCRT, The Stem, Canopy Beer, Parallax Photography, Khruangbin, Shelf Heroes, Doc Martens


I'm an Illustrator, designer, and sometimes painter based in South London.



Email -

Gram - @bo.matteini